League Rules and Protocols


Curling has a long history as a self-governed sport with respectful play, no referees, and no officials. The ‘rules’ listed here are not exhaustive or complete. Please observe common curling etiquette and curl in a timely and sporting manner.


To participate in Recreational Leagues, you must be a current Club Member and have previous curling experience (successfully completed some form of “Learn to Curl” class or program, or have equivalent curling experience elsewhere)


A full team typically consists of 4 curlers who have paid to participate in the League or otherwise been approved by the Draw Master to participate.

a) If 4 (a full team), 3, or 2 curlers join a League with the stated intent to curl together, we will team you up with those curlers.
b) If you join the League without a full team (alone, or with 1 or 2 other curlers), the Draw Master will make every attempt to join you with other curlers to make a full team of 4 curlers.
c) ALTERNATE/5TH TEAM MATE – An Alternate/5th team mate is considered a full team member in all respects. There is no limit to the number of Alternate/5th team mates a team can have. 


a) POSITIONS: Subs can play any position except Skip (i.e., can’t direct the team from the house, and can’t throw last). Otherwise, subs typically throw lead or play the position they are subbing for.
b) 2 SUBS MAX: No more than 2 subs are allowed per game for a team. A full team of 4 curlers must have at least 2 team members playing. A team of only 2 or 3 curlers must have at least 1 team member playing. If these conditions aren’t satisfied, you are encouraged to still play for fun or practice, but the official result will be a forfeit.
c) GET A SUB: If you can’t make it to a game, you are expected to make your honest, best effort to arrange for a sub. The easiest way is to check directly with your teammates and curling friends. The second easiest way is to post the opening on the Sub Hub page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1969649869977985/)


Be prepared to begin at least 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled start time (i.e., no later than 8:15pm for the usual Tuesday and Wednesday League schedule, or 8:00pm on Thursdays). Of course, it is highly encouraged for everyone to arrive earlier than that to help with ice prep.

a) If a team is not present or prepared to curl within 10 minutes of the start time (or 10 minutes of the other team being prepared to curl, whichever is later), the game is officially forfeited. You are encouraged to still play for fun or practice, but the official result will be a forfeit.


All League games are a maximum of 8 ends (typical less), played to a “Complete the end you are playing/no more ends can start” TIME LIMIT. This Time Limit may vary night-to-night, but is usually 10:15pm on Tuesday and Wednesday League Nights, and 10:00pm on Thursday League Nights.

a) An end is considered started once the first rock of the end is released.
b) It is expected that everyone will be off the ice no more than 20 minutes after the Time Limit. That is, 10:35pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 10:20pm on Thursdays.


Ties will be broken by a “skip’s draw”, closest to the button (any team member can throw, must be in the house to score, sweeping by throwing team allowed). The team that would have the hammer throws second into a clean house (first rock is cleared before second rock is thrown). If no one scores, you do it again (same throwing order).


Teams are not permitted to eliminate their opponent’s free guard zone rocks until five rocks have been played in the end (i.e., through the 3rd shot of the non-hammer team).


With only 3 players, the first 2 players throw 3 rocks each. You cannot play with 2 players.


Measurements at the end of the end only, and by the thirds/vice-skips. Please use measuring instruments if needed (no feet, brooms, etc.). The score is decided when the vice‐skips agree upon the score. If stones that may have affected the points scored in an end are displaced prior to that decision, the non‐offending team receives the benefit that might have accrued from a measurement.


Please refer to Rule #1. Otherwise, disputes and disagreements will be settled by the DrawMaster, or in his absence, one of the Rules Committee members.


It is the winning team’s (third/vice skip) responsibility for recording results on the scoresheet posted at the arena.


At the conclusion of your game, members of both teams will help remove from the ice and properly store the rocks, scoreboard, and any club brooms, sticks, sliders, grippers or stabilizers you used. Additionally, each League night one team is assigned to help the Ice Team with setup, and another team is assigned to help the Ice Team with tear down. Know when it is your night to help the Ice Team, show up, and help as much as you can.

2019/2020 Rules Committee: Dave Frey (DrawMaster) Jillian Riecke
Version: October 10, 2019

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